Everything in nature can come in the realm of questions, if your attitude is to pacify your appetite of  knowledge by getting answers. To question is one of the many essential conditions of being a human being. A lifeless, an animal or a human turned into a robot can never ask questions. By asking questions, a man can be less intelligent in the eyes of others, but in his eyes, he can never feel ignorant. One can be overcome only by questioning, rooted in itself and then by the evils inherent in society and nation. If every man asks himself 10 minutes before going to bed at night, how many mistakes he has made throughout the day and how those mistakes cannot be repeated again, then over the time one can feel himself being transformed into a better man. Those who take us from darkness to light are called Guru = Gu (darkness) + Ru (dispeller) because they teach us to question in a right. In all the great civilizations that have evolved; one quality has remained the same in all of them – that is – culture of debate, interpretation and questioning. Plato , Aristotle, Socrates in Rome, Confucius in China, Gautama Buddha, Paramhansa, Vivekananda, Mahatma Gandhi in India encouraged the culture of the questioning and brought these nations into the league of the great nation. A loin-clothed and simple Mahatma questioned a strong colonialist country about its wrong governance and as a result, today the country of that Mahatma stands in the line of leading nations in every field. And in the country where the art of questioning was suppressed, there were dictators like Hitler, Mussolini, Idi Amin, Stalin who shook the whole world with their cruel policies, which were created by suppressing the questioning prowess of the people there. At home, if a child is afraid of his elders or he fears his teachers in school or hesitates to ask questions about the political system in the country, then he is guilty of leading society and nation along with him to corrosiveness. It is an intellectual journey to question and then to question again the duality that arose from the question. Only when you question, you will be able to know your rights, you will be able to force those who have suppressed your rights to give the rights. Jayaprakash Narayan in India , Martin Luther King of America , Nelson Mandela of Africa and Sheikh Mujibur Rahman of Bangladesh have uprooted the dictators by asking questions constantly on their policies.

In every republic and likewise in our country, Parliament has been arranged to ask the questions of the people, who teach us how and what kind of questions can be asked and formulated. If we stop asking questions, then the pace of the present will stop and the future will go backward towards the past. Whoever asks the question is at least performing the duty of being an ideological human being, responsible citizen and intellectual social animal. So, make sure to ask questions, question everyone, question everything and ask questions under any circumstances. Questioning one day will definitely make you aware and courageous person. Questioning is not a concern of everyone, and that too difficult questions. But if you do not question, then every chance of your submissiveness will become stronger. So it is better to keep asking questions and do not be afraid of who is being asked this question. Feared should be to the one who is afraid of the question or the enemy of the question. You will do good not only for yourself but also for the whole country by asking questions. “Keep asking questions and keep nurturing the country.”  


Committee Officer, Lok Sabha Secretariat, New Delhi

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