Three pigs came to a big town on a warm summer’s day…
They thought of making ‘moolah’ and build a house to stay.

They made their plans to work very hard
And build a house that was ‘Avant-Garde’

They used straws and sticks and bricks…
And they paid attention to all the fiddly bits.

Kangana Ranaut shared her photograph in Marathi Attire

They slogged and they toiled till they couldn’t labour anymore.
They worked so hard that their trotters became sore…

With beautiful curtains on the windows and carpets on the floor,
They painted the ceiling and they painted the doors,

Then early one evening came a knock on the door,
“Little Pigs, little pigs, let me come in.”

They knew it was the wolf with a bait.
As he had been all over the News headlines as of late.

They replied with a chuckle, “Not by the hair of our chinny chin chin.”
Their faces were beaming and had a wide grin

Newspapers, Magazines, TV and social media circles, this wolf guy had shaken
He was the tour de force behind “Send Migrants back Home for their Bacon,”

“Little pig, little pig won’t you let me come in?”
“No, no, no, by the hair on my chinny, chin, chin.”

“Then I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house in.”

So he huffed,
And he puffed,
And he huffed,
And he puffed,
And he huffed and he puffed but it did not blow in

He scoffed at their home design…
And said he would still not resign

He reprimanded them for being pig-headed (which may be true in many senses)
And he will see to it that they are shredded


So Mr. Wolf explained that due to pigs the neighbourhood was getting spoilt
These pigs bring their culture and make so much noise

They promote illegal construction and understand no instruction
They cause so much disruption and are of no use during the election!!

I have been working on being a better person and not gobbling neighbouring friends
But these pigs always engage me in ‘war of words’ and push me over the edge

These lowly, non-entities who held no position of consequence ever in the history
Now get ‘Y-plus’ category of CRPF security by the Home Ministry

File Photo: Kangna Ranaut with her Y+ Security

They build ‘THEIR’ homes on ‘MY’ land..!!
‘MY’ blood boils with anger and this ‘I’ will not stand

‘I’ will move ‘THEM’ come what may.
If it does not work, I’ll eat ‘THEM’ as ‘THEY’ should not stay

‘THEIR’ agenda I need to stamp and completely erase
MY People’s (‘Manoos’) pride is at stake and they are my voter base

He went humming his favourite, “Dirty Paws” song
And send his army with bulldozers to demolish what he felt was wrong

Wolf is a bully who works with malice and believes in persecution…
He ignores laws and throws aside the constitution

The miffed motor mouth will lead to wolf’s Sena’s complete ‘Raut’
People around have absolutely no doubt.

Kangana Ranaut expressed her anger in this tweet-

For the wolf, this demolition was a ‘SELF-GOAL’
And the ‘SHAH’ OF POWER and ‘PAWAR’ OF ALLIANCE definitely played a big role.

Day in and day out, from their bully pulpits
TV anchors keep spreading venom through divisive debates,

The hate-filled diatribes and cheap dramatics

If we prefer to keep silent, we are equally at fault,
Just wait till they come for us and assault!!

BUT …When they come for me— there will be no one left to speak for me

(NOTE – I am not a Kangana Ranaut fan ..but still… Citizen of India.)


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