I wonder how the 1990’s highest grossing film Home Alone will be made in 2020? Is Kevin’s wish of no family, a wish of the most today? May be and mostly but let’s not be harsh after all for the sake of emotional intelligence. It’s still there and yet to be demoted to a level where it needs teaching again. So, all those who still feel the vibe even after the repeated jibe whenever we mention our good old vibe! Read on…

While I have consciously chosen not to be a data nerd while I still strive to be a data geek. This single choice for the moment has somewhere also made a choice of my desired audience. It is fun to make a day without the regulars. Sometimes you & sometimes I, both have been equally bewildered with the outcomes but will we still say, try it on!? Thanks for filtering in without caffeine. I know, it’s your digital detox day but a little exchange of thoughts or food for thought will not hurt anyway.

Travelling to new cities, I often try and find a face which is looking up, smiling and noticing all that is going around. Trivia, souvenirs not in the form of objects but people’s expression both verbal and non-verbal are my definition of ephemera; now. So, where can I find a curious face, what happened to the human gaze, when will I hear some carefree humming, why can’t I smell the petrichor again, who do I compliment with elinize sağlık and how do I find the personage of this description?

I am often told about email etiquette, of how brevity is equal to brilliance. Have even heard, how presentations need to be succinct. Of course, I know that SMSs cannot be more than 160 characters, a twitter handle no more than 15 characters, a tweet just about 280 characters and an effective Instagram will be no more than 125 characters. In these chains of communication, I am also in good spirit, advised against reading emotions clearly because mostly people are digitally motioned trying to prove the notion of being busy/ loved/ engaged. In this commotion of Like, Share & Subscribe…I still look for that holy mortal…

We have travelled time, days-weeks-months-years and even decades but I still miss the person of this description who is someone with less/ no digital extension. I aspire to be with a fellow beyond character limits, a creature who still can see, hear, smell, taste and touch. Even who understands the self and others as such a being who is not always up to some doing. Someone who comes without sorting, filtering and sometimes unannounced. A person who cringes not being alone as s/he is not lonely even without a phone. Do you think, that we can now afford this innovation?

Knock, Knock…anyone home? Oh yes, Alexa and Siri must be home! Why don’t I tell them to find their own home? After all, my home is my HOME (Human Oriented Magical Eyrie)!

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    • Thanks so much, Ashish. There is one coming out shortly. Will share the link!

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