My association with ‘Banaras’ began almost four decades ago when I went there as a young girl with my maternal aunt during my summer vacations. It however called me back again, this time as a young bride. Kashi pampered me, mothered me and looked after the young mother that I was soon to become ….

A few years later we shifted to Mumbai due to the transferable nature of my husband’s job. Throughout our long stay in Bombay and a brief one in Pune, a strong yearning persisted in me …. The mysteries of Banaras remained unfolded, and the memories of DLW stayed very special in my heart. It was indeed the most pampered corner too. For What ?? The evenings at Dashashwamedh Ghat, Vishwanath ki Gali, Banarasi Paan, Kachauri ke Thele, Deepa Mehta’s ‘Water’, Ghat paintings or the misty Ganges!! Banaras has always enriched me with its pure feel…..

These paintings have been a soulful experience for me ! The urge in me to reach out to my inner self, my ‘Anandmaya Kosha’, has brought out an expression, through these paintings.

‘PehlaThahrav’ broke all barriers of inhibition, paints flowed and took the shape of ‘Munshi Ghat’….my first ever painting. Something in me turned alive, the restlessness found a way with paints and brushes. The journey began with my first halt. The wandering mind and the soul thus found solace on the steps of the ghat.

Panting by Seema Sahai depicting Munshi Ghat, Varanasi

The consciousness thus embarked on the route of self-discovery …. got more and more in touch with the real self, acceptance with each creation. The ‘Trilogy’, my second painting had arrived!

The awe-inspiring nature drew me to create some of my still-life, the child in me , the eve in me and the wild woman in me, found expression through ‘delphiniums’, gerberas, lilies, peaches and olives………

More paintings by Seema Sahai

Artist & Social Entrepreneur, Pune


  1. Banafsheh Mojab Reply

    It’s awesome, perfect, lovely, full of energy and beauty
    How possible it is to create such an amazing scene with a brush and some on a canvas !!
    All the best wishes

  2. Poonam Singh Reply

    Very difficult to write anything about you and your creation. Tharava is a beautiful description it’s touches your heart and soul .i don’t have words to say love all the paintings .

  3. Anita Shamani Reply

    The stories woven in the paintings are captivating….. The essence of Banaras just flows through……Totally mesmerized…..

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