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The Public is the forum for Common People around the World. We bring relevant issues related to every human being around the globe. At this platform, we showcase the views/suggestions/actions by Specialists as well as Common Man.

The Public is known for its serious and rich content. We try to bring necessary topics to educate people and spread awareness of the issues which get lost in the clutter of Electronic Media. We also push the content of our National Pride, Freedom Fighters’, Environment, Agriculture, National Security and Social Awareness etc.

The Public also organises various kinds of Social and Literary Events in Lucknow and other parts of Uttar Pradesh among which the Literature Festival ‘Awadh Conclave’ and Annual Award Function ‘Lokmat Samman’ are the flagship events.

The Public Online Views Channel

The Public YouTube Channel (also on other Social Media Platforms) has become popular in a short span of time. Merely in 2 years of time, YouTube Channel has more than 1 Lakh 75 Thousand Subscribers and its’ videos have been watched for 1 Million Hours by over 10 Million viewers. Other social media platforms are also quite popular among viewers.

Channel’s Program “Third Eye with Anand Vardhan” is the flagship video program which is broadcasted on Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8:00PM in which Senior Journalist and Founder of The Public Channel Mr. Anand Vardhan Singh analyses various political & current issues and holds LIVE Panel Discussion Sessions with viewers on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 8:00PM where world class panelists participate and discuss their views.

Other than this, Mr. Sudhanshu Mani’s analysis program “Straight Drive” is broadcasted on Thursday and a program on Urdu Literature and Culture “Urdu Hai Mera Naam” is broadcasted on Tuesday at 7:00PM.

Mrs. Ashima Singh’s weekly program on our Heroes of the History “Swatantrata Pukaarati (Gaurav Gaatha)” is also quite popular.

The Public India Web Portal is an endeavour to present our thoughts via Text and Audio Visual Format. Primarily it is a views website where people from different fields can put their perspective in form of Write-ups and Articles. Initially we have emphasis on Politics, Agriculture, Education, Economy, Business & Industry, Culture, Environment & Health, Legal, Literature etc.

In order to support our cause, we invite you to contribute your Articles, Write-ups or Blogs related to your field or otherwise. We will also welcome your thoughts in other formats like Audio, Video, Cartoons, Pictures, Paintings or any other form for expression and we believe your contributions will solely be on complementary basis and towards a greater good.

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The number of student suicides is pretty large but the media notices it when it happens in some elite institutions like the IITs.

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Business & Industry

अदानी-हिंडनबर्ग-फाइनेंशियल टाइम्स रिपोर्ट

अडानी ने 2.5 बिलियन डॉलर के #FPO को बंद कर दिया और यह भी आरोप है कि अडानी परिवार के पास कम फ्री फ्लोट वाली ऑफशोर कंपनी के माध्यम से 90% से अधिक शेयर हैं।

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Social Issues

I, the Citizen, (Not) the Sovereign

The Preamble to the Constitution begins with “We, the People”. Thus, the idea that the citizens are the sovereigns, should have been the pervasive thought flowing from the Constitution as viewed by all the powers that be.

Is the citizen the Sovereign?

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Journalist Sabrina Siddiqui faced online harassment for asking a question to Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his recent joint press conference.

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Inquilab Zindabad


Not so well known at the national level, who displayed idealism and laid down their lives on 1 July 1946 were Vasant Rao Hegiste and Rajab Ali Lakhani

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