Arvind Kumar Singh


It appears the present Central Government under the able leadership of Honourable Prime Minister Modi Ji which has got absolute majority has fallen in a vicious circle of debt trap and taking such suicidal decisions which are not in public interest, the majority in Parliament is proving Bane instead of Boon for the country, The  proverb that “Absolute powers corrupts absolutely”, is becoming a reality by many decisions of  this government which is not in public interest, like the one Merger of all productions units so as to lease out these production units of Diesel Locomotive Varanasi, Integral Coach Factory Chennai, Coach Factory at Rai Bareilly, wheel & axle plant at Bengaluru & DCW Patiala etc. for easy sale to private players thereby cutting permanent jobs of Railways by three lakhs.

It’s a sorry state of affair for the future employment prospects of young generation of so called new India. The government is has started selling out the Prime Properties Of Indian Railways acquired Hundred years ago in disguise of long lease to private players creating a body known as Railway Land Development Authority, this name itself is misnomer. Because the main work of this entity RLDA is sale of prime location railway stations like New Delhi, Mumbai CST, Ahmedabad etc,  Railway colonies Ashok Vihar in New Delhi, Bandra in Mumbai, Prime properties in Chennai, Lucknow are being sold to  crony capitalist friends, which is  one of the biggest theft of  Public property under the disguise of development.

“Train-18”: The first indigenous high speed train developed by Integral Coach Factory, Chennai

They have not only planned to sell Railway Stations, circulating area but are going to abolish  lakhs of permanent jobs, and replace it by contract labour which is going to be big blow for the economy as a whole because it will reduce the purchasing power of lakhs of people which in turn will result in low demand for goods and services and in turn the economy will become bad to worse. This job loss is betrayal to the nation. No Government how much stronger he may be has no rights to sell Public property. Indian Railway is Nations pride & it’s ownership lies to coming generations of this country and not to a few capitalist of the country .

Railway is the biggest public sector enterprise in this country as well as employment bank also, it fulfils the aspirations of educated youth, but by privatising all profit making PSUs this government has created resentment & anger amongst the young generation who are feeling cheated, because the youth of the country voted for the present government for the dream of 90 thousand railways jobs for which advertisements were pressed in march 2018 and nearly three crores unemployed youth applied for their dream jobs in Indian Railways, and brought this government to power with lot of aspirations.

Prime Minister Modi while complaining as star campaigner during 2014 elections assured the youth to give employment to 2 crores people every year & his this  assurance created  perception  that a super man has now emerged in Indian politics ,who will shoot all the problems of this country which previous governments couldn’t do. People wanted a change of leadership at the centre hence a very organised, offensive & intensive campaign was initiated by BJP against Congress rule, corruption distribution of  2G & auction of coal blocks were highlighted very strongly by Narendra Modi & his colleagues which got massive support from social media which led to historic victory for NDA.

In democracy governments are elected to fulfil the aspirations & wishes of common man to get better lively hood, cheap education & good health. That’s why the concept of a welfare state was adopted in our Constitution. For more than a hundred years the Indian Railways is involved to fulfil the dreams of cores of Indians by providing them the cheapest mode of transportation, during last financial year of 2019-20 it carried near about 842 cores passengers of which 6% were of air condition class.

The total revenue collected from passenger movement was about 32000 cores, of which 67% of the money was collected from air condition passengers, this huge sum of money has attracted the attention of corporate world to run private premium trains on lucrative routes.

The present government is permitting private players in this people’s welfare but none of the private players has shown any interest in strategic un-remunerative lines run for defence purposes and which incurred losses in the overall balance sheet of Indian railways, there is something black at the bottom, which is forcing the unholy nexus of politicians, property dealers & corrupt Railway officers to sell the public property to private business houses.

This unholy nexus is not only instrumental in merger of seven locomotives production units but also playing a key role in sale out the land to real estate stake holders.

Everybody intellectual citizen of the country is well aware of behind the scene activities of big business houses whose main aim is to earn profit for themselves and to fulfil the social responsibility for the poor masses. In democracy governments are elected to fulfil the aspirations & wishes of common man but due to weak opposition, Might is Right.

To sell public property the Railway land development authority has been created, it’s very surprising that already when Railway engineering department was taking care of their land then why a separate authority has been constituted. The creation of RLDA is a clear indication of making things easier to operate in favour of real estate giants who are eager to grab prime assets at prime location of railways from the common Indians.

Recently, about 3.50 Acer’s of land in the vicinity of Aishbagh Railway Station in Lucknow was sold at the price of about Rs 50 cores for which the initial valuation committee has suggested to sell it for Rs 100 to120 crores but when it was sent to the higher committee they suggested & reduced its’ price to 50-55 cores & this land was handed over to a private real estate business man of Lucknow. This lowering down of minimum price is a foul play by the top management.  Circumstantial evidence  indicate that  under hand dealing forced the N R Railway administration to sell it on a very low price, similarly about 9.75 hectare of Railway land in Ashoka Vihar at Delhi has been sold/ leased to Godrej properties for about Rs 1375 crores for which MOU has been signed with RLDA. These are small examples which will explain the whole game.

Everybody is aware of the fact that Railways is having the biggest land bank in its possession & now these prime location lands have become like Jewells & if it is grabbed and is being grabbed by hook or Crooke and for the present government the public property of nation has become like a hen which is laying golden eggs for top private business houses.

The decision to sell public property is a suicidal for India economy & unemployed Indian youths who from march 2018 are waiting for recruitment exams in Indian Railways. On 5th of this month this government has witnessed the resentment & anger of near about 40 lacks unemployed youth who were on the streets sounding thalis & Talis to wake the present central government & this movement of unemployed youths have forced the Chair Man/ CEO of Indian Railway to announce that recruitment exams will begin from 15th December 2020 after Bihar assembly elections as a damage control move.

The dislikes on YouTube & other social media platforms have also alarmed Modi government that now things are going beyond control only MANN KI BAAT is not going to push up the TRP and because of this reason the option of comments and dislikes has been removed from it to show that the government is deaf to the voice of youths and masses.